The Sublime Breath    
Meditation for Tranquil Power, Intentions of Peace
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There are many forms of meditation, but an element common to almost all of them is the goal of calming the mind and body by bringing attention and awareness to an object of concentration. Frequently it is the breath, but it could also be the use of chants, mantras or visual objects, such as religious symbols or candles.

First Thoughts: Why Meditate on the Breath?

For millennia the breath has been one of the most often used objects of meditation. The simple rhythmic and tidal action of the nose and chest filling with and dispelling life-giving air has served innumerable practitioners. Peasants, kings and the highest of priests have all been equals as they sit calmly on their cushion, clearing their minds and focusing their awareness on the fundamental act of breathing.

This is why the name was chosen for this Web site. To be aware is to be capable of breathing. It is thus one gift we all share whenever, where ever or however we meditate. It requires no special equipment. There is no need for training, for we came into the world breathing instinctively. A few seconds of mindful breathing can clear the mind while sitting in a crowded bus or in a busy office, or it can be the anchor of days or weeks of a silent retreat dedicated to pondering life's deepest questions. Of course, it can be used skillfully at any point between those extremes.

We invite you to use this site to find the practices that place you where you need to be on that continuum. While meditation is used in conjunction with religious practice, meditation on the breath is not a religion. It is a natural activity.

Although much of what you will read about meditation on this site and elsewhere draws upon the wisdom of various belief systems, there is no need for you to change your own or even have one in the first place if you are not so called. But many people of all creeds find that meditation helps them discern what is most essential and wholesome about their own religions, thereby deepening their respective faiths.

We hope your visits to will stimulate and satisfy your investigation of mediation and mindful movement. As you embark on your investigation of what we have to offer, take a moment and clear your mind with a simple breath or two. It is the best way to find an orientation that will work for you.

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